Four Major OpenPro ERP Software Features

1. Business Intelligence: Executive Desktop

  • All controls are user-defined
  • Gather and analyze large quantities of unstructured data: production metrics, sales statistics, attendance reports, and customer attrition figures
  • Each user login or group has their personalized BI user interface
  • Real-time data helps you make informed business decisions

For more information about OpenPro’s Executive Desktop feature, please visit our website.

2. Paperless Workflow

  • Built-in work flow analysis: business processes are documented with the business system process
  • Everyone is aware of problems as they arise; make quick and effective business decisions
  • Paperless workflow saves your company money

For more information about Paperless Workflow, please visit our website.

3. Ajax Technology: Create a Screen

  • Specify what kind of screen you want to generate and the fields to create that screen, and it appears on the screen automatically

For more information about OpenPro and Ajax Technology, please visit our website.

4. Real-Time Access

  • Real-time solution: several offices can be controlled through a single, central system
  • Save money: you will have access to all your business data, anytime and anywhere

Our latest Press Release about OpenPro ERP Software Version 6.6.2 also contains additional updated information about our software’s newest features.

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