OpenPro Announces Version 7.0.0

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OpenPro Announces and Releases Version 7.0.0

May 9, 2013 – OpenPro ERP Software announces its latest release version 7.0.0

OpenPro is the leader in licensed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) using open source LAMP technology. Version 7.0.0 has over 550 enhancementsand many benefits for small to enterprise sized businesses. “This new release is perfect for celebrating OpenPro’s 15 years in business,” says President and CEO Jim Clark. The most impressive enhancements to the software are the business paperless work flow, trigger processing, and communications systems (added texting direct to phones), that will facilitate paperless communications to customers and suppliers. Other new features include enhancements with financial reporting drill down to detail data; payables process, wires and debits; prepayment processing and reporting; receivable management, cash receipts, credit card processing and aging reporting; inventory control relationship setup for lot controlled items and physical inventory process; many Order Processing and POS system enhancements; warehouse distribution and bar coding updates; manufacturing time card management and scheduling of work order, work centers, MRP processing and operations; improved Business Intelligence reporting and graphics; and customer and vendor portals. OpenPro has a built-in communications module (fax, phone SMS text messaging, email, electronic, phone PBX integration, printed), business paperless workflow and document imaging. With version 7.0.0, OpenPro updated the business intelligence executive desktop with flash graphics. OpenPro uses the best that the Open Source community offers, including LAMP technology; version 7.0.0 provides phone, cell phone SMS and fax integration using proven open source products. OpenPro even has an interface to Asterisk FreePBX phone systems and Hylafax faxing software. In addition, OpenPro offers the new feature to create a screen with AJAX controls.

Organizations like LAMP help communities and businesses by making professional software available for smaller organizations at a reasonable cost. Now small businesses can purchase software like OpenPro for less than half the cost of other traditional products.

OpenPro, Inc. is a leader in licensed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software using open source LAMP technology. Version 7.0.0 offers many benefits for small to enterprise sized businesses. Some enhancements include the new menu system, new look and feel, built-in communications module (fax, email, electronic, printed), business workflow and document imaging.

Overview of OpenPro ERP Software

OpenPro, Inc has been delivering quick start business software to hundreds of American and international businesses since 1998.

With version 7.0.0 of Easy ERP and Enterprise Software, the software includes modules for Finance (Payables, Receivables, General Ledger, Budgets, Check Recon, fixed assets, job costing); Wholesale Distribution (Order Processing, Inventory Control, Bar Coding, Retail POS, warehousing and purchasing); Manufacturing (Bill of Material, Routings, MRP, MPS CRP); Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and E-commerce.   OpenPro even has interface to wireless portable terminals for manufacturing and warehousing.

OpenPro is the first to offer implementation options, bring in-house on a server, host with a hosting company or ASP or Software as a service.  OpenPro being the first fully web-based ERP software product is an ideal ASP or Software as a service option for most businesses; users only need a connection to the Internet to access the software, anytime and anywhere.

OpenPro is first to have features built into ERP Software like built-in document imaging.  Users can attach documents to most of the transactions within the OpenPro system.  User customizable Work Flow is built into OpenPro to improve customer relationship and speed of transactions.

When compared with other software packages, OpenPro ranked highest in technical features and functionality.  This evaluation compared OpenPro with Tier 1 Enterprise software packages like Oracle and SAP, Mid-level software companies like Microsoft Business Solutions and Best Software.  OpenPro excelled in tests with manufacturing software packages like infor, Epicor, Macola, Made2Manage, Cincom, Jeeves, and JobBOSS.  OpenPro also came on top when compared with ASP solutions like netsuite, and open source solutions like ComPiere.  OpenPro customers have saved millions of dollars since converting from packages like these to OpenPro.

OpenPro’s easy ERP software design and Rapid Implementation Method can have a business set up, trained and running OpenPro software within a day.

OpenPro is certified using US-FASB and international IASB standards, VAT taxing, Euro dollars Approved, Compliant with Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) for public companies, APICS certified for inventory control, ISO 9000 Compliant, and FDA 21 CFR part 11.

For further information, email or call the company at 714-378-4600.

About OpenPro, Inc.

OpenPro is the market leader in open source-based ERP software, delivering web-based ERP software solutions to small and mid-sized companies and international enterprises since 1998. OpenPro offers a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, including financials, distribution, manufacturing, CRM, e-commerce and advanced system functions such as workflow and document imaging.  OpenPro is built using open source technology, so costs are typically less than half of Windows-based ERP software. OpenPro customers reflect almost every major market segment, from manufacturing to service, government to non-profit, and traditional to e-commerce retail.  OpenPro is built using LAMP technology and runs on any platform, including Windows PC’s, Unix, Linux, MAC OS X, Mini computers and mainframes. OpenPro can also run with all major SQL databases. OpenPro has over 75 independent distributors across the United States and internationally to help customers implement its business solutions.

For more information, visit the company website, call 714-378-4600 or email

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