OpenPro: An IBM Partner for 15+ Years

OpenPro ERP software has been a proud IBM parter for more than 15 years. We recently updated our listing in IBM’s Global Solutions Directory.

The listing overviews everything you need to know about OpenPro, including: functional details and modules, our competitive advantage, industries served, ROI, languages supported and customer size.

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OpenPro and IBM’s Turbo LAMP Stack

OpenPro ERP software offers a complete business software package to small and mid-sized companies, and international enterprises looking for more features and value from their ERP solutions. As a PHP application available on IBM’s Turbo LAMP, OpenPro offers a high level of performance at a reasonable cost and serves the needs of customers from almost every major market segment. For more information about OpenPro ERP, its functionality and performance on IBM’s Turbo LAMP stack and how this platform benefits businesses in today’s competitive market, please read the full IBM Turbo LAMP White Paper.

NOTE: You will need to register on the OpenPro website to read the full white paper. To do this, please follow the link and click on Register. If you have any questions, please email OpenPro: or call: 714-378-4600.