OpenPro and IBM: a Power Partnership

OpenPro Software, the first web-based ERP solution, offers a complete software package to small and mid-sized companies, and international enterprises looking for more features and value in business software. After launching software version 7.7.0, OpenPro attended IBM’s Enterprise 2014 event in Las Vegas October 6-10, 2014; as a proud sponsor of Linux and an IBM business partner for over twelve years, OpenPro is excited for the Linux on Power Systems initiative.

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OpenPro Announces Its Newest Software Version 7.7.0

OpenPro is the leader in licensed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software using open source LAMP technology. Software version 7.7.0 includes over 100 feature enhancements focusing on OpenPro’s accounting, sales and CRM modules; these updates include new sales analysis reporting options, improvements to business banking and more commission reporting options to benefit small to enterprise sized businesses.

For the full press release and to find out more about the newest software updates, please visit the OpenPro website:

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