OpenPro ERP Software Releases New Version 8.4

OpenPro Press Release December 2, 2015OpenPro is the leader in licensed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software using open source LAMP technology. Software version 8.4 includes 368 feature enhancements focusing on OpenPro’s Easy ERP and Enterprise software solutions. Improvements to the Point of Sales screens, sales commission processing, payroll and barcode processing benefit small to enterprise sized businesses. Furthermore, version 8.4 introduces shop floor control options, with new shop and Work Order status reporting, among other advanced features.

For the full press release and to find out more about the newest software updates, please visit the OpenPro website. If you have any questions about OpenPro’s new version 8.4 and how it can enhance your business operations while reducing operating costs, please email one of our customer service representatives: or call: 714-378-4600.

OpenPro’s September 2015 Updates to Version 8.3

OpenPro works hard to meet and exceed its customers’ needs and based on recent customer feedback, we have made the following software enhancements to version 8.3:

  1. During order entry, when you have multiple line items, you can now move around the line items.
  2. New streamlined invoicing and payables entry for Dropship Sales Orders.
  3. Inventory reports now have the option to view by Bin Location.
  4. Receivables aging reports now display the sales representative.
  5. New time card processing and payroll processing options. Added a feature for payroll payment and over time calculations for customers who pay bi-monthly.

For more information about OpenPro‘s version 8.3 and to set up a demo, please email one of our customer service representatives: or call: 714-378-4600.

OpenPro Announces Newest Software Feature

OpenPro, Inc. Announces New HRMS Payroll Employee Portal

April 2, 2014: OpenPro, Inc. strives to constantly improve its ERP software to provide the best user experience possible. One recent software enhancement that will save Human Resources personnel time and frustration is the Human Resources portal interface. Employees now have the ability to log in to the OpenPro system to view payroll history and paycheck stubs. In addition, employees can view and maintain their contact information as well as update pertinent tax information, such as the number of dependents, quickly and easily.

If you have questions about OpenPro’s Human Resources portal interface and want to learn more about how OpenPro’s ERP software can support your HR department,  please email one of our customer service representatives: or call: 714-378-4600.

OpenPro, Inc. Announces Bank Reconciliation Software Updates

Bank reconciliation, part of OpenPro’s Financials package, communicates with the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Ledger modules to show companies their banking activity and available cash. Now, all bank activity, including checks, bank fees and wire transfers, is imported as a CSV or QIF file and processed by OpenPro’s bank reconciliation software. With over 4,000 banking institutions represented, companies can easily and securely receive their daily, weekly or monthly bank reconciliation statements to directly compare and reconcile current cash balance differences with statements received from the bank.

About OpenPro, Inc.

OpenPro is the market leader in open source-based ERP software, delivering web-based ERP software solutions to small and mid-sized companies and international enterprises since 1998. OpenPro offers a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, including financials, distribution, manufacturing, CRM, e-commerce and advanced system functions such as workflow and document imaging. OpenPro is built using open source technology, so costs are typically less than half of Windows-based ERP software.

OpenPro customers reflect almost every major market segment, from manufacturing to service, government to non-profit, and traditional to e-commerce retail. OpenPro is built using LAMP technology and runs on any platform, including Windows PC’s, Unix, Linux, MAC OS X, Mini computers and mainframes. OpenPro can also run with all major SQL databases. OpenPro has over 75 independent distributors across the United States and internationally to help customers implement its business solutions.

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For further information about bank reconciliation, OpenPro’s financials package and OpenPro ERP software, please contact our customer service department: or 714-378-4600. Visit our website and our current company news page.